Why You Should Start Drinking Ginger Tea Immediately & How To Make Ginger Tea

Ginger is a superfood. It possesses an amazing ability to enhance immunity, improve digestion and reduce inflammation.

Ginger Tea Benefits

  • Ginger is a very effective remedy for headaches, flu, common cold
    and even sore muscles.  Due to ginger’s unique substances, it is able to
    naturally stop pain (preventing prostaglandins from setting off an
    inflammatory response in the body).
  • Regular consumption of  ginger tea strengthens the immune system. It
    contains great amounts of antioxidants that boosts immunity and helps
    fight off infections.
  • Just one cup of tea a day will minimize your chances of stroke, as ginger helps break down fat deposits that block arteries.
  • Due to the warming properties of ginger, it improves your blood
    circulation. Increased blood flow will improve the delivery of vitamins,
    minerals and oxygen to your body’s cells… aiding in overall health.
  • Ginger tea helps destroy the virus’ that cause common colds,  cold sores, and influenza.
  • Ginger
    Kills 76% of Lung Cancer Cells in Vivo: For the first time ever,
    researchers have discovered that not only is ginger extract extremely
    toxic to lung cancer cells, but it’s metabolites (break-down products)
    are even more toxic! They observed that 6-Gingerol, a major anti-cancer
    compound of ginger, was metabolized into 6-gingerdiol inside the cancer
    cells, and that this metabolite killed up to
    76% of the lung cancer cells. Ginger extracts have already shown potent
    activity against prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer,
    colon cancer and leukemia in previous lab studies, and this latest
    research has shed new light on exactly how ginger kills these cancer
    cells. And this super-herb’s health benefits extend beyond cancer. A
    recent clinical trial showed ginger improved insulin sensitivity and
    lowered insulin levels in adults with diabetes. And another study on
    middle aged women showed ginger to significantly improve memory and
    cognitive performance!

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